An integrated telecom solution provider with design,

Build and management capabilities, Sterlite Tech offers a range of software products and services. Its enterprise business offers 24Online Service Management System (SMS) and 24Online Hospitality Internet Access (HIA), catering to ISP and Hospitality segments respectively. 24Online is a next generation Internet Access and Bandwidth Management solution geared to Hospitality, Public Wi-Fi Hotspots, Smart Cities, and Internet Service Provider (ISP) segments, offering flexible prepaid and post-paid billing features, AAA and bandwidth management with reporting functionalities. Highly popular, 24Online has extensive client base of over 3500 installations spread over 60 countries.

24Online Hospitality Internet Access Management (HIA) series offers advanced features especially designed and developed for the industry.

24Online HIA has industry standard features such as authenticating user traffic, bandwidth control, pre-paid coupons, zero configuration, login once, room-to-port mapping, guest management and reporting tools, and is also integrated with leading property management systems (PMS) in the market. Its reporting tool provides complete analysis of traffic patterns, network performance, subscriber preferences, and subscriber logs along with revenue details.

ISP Experience:

16+ years of product experience in small & medium ISPs

Billing, charging and session control domain

Emerging IP based access technologies

Leading solutions for billing, subscriber and bandwidth management

Catering to Wired, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and VSAT Providers